Japan Tour 2018   5 Mar 2018

こんにちは from Japan. This year I will be visiting Tokyo, Nara and Kyoto, playing live concerts at Nana Hari, sonihouse, UrBANGUILD and AMPcafe.
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Leanders Letzte Reise   13 Sep 2017

I've been writing and producing my first feature film score for the motion picture Leanders Letzte Reise (The Final Journey) by Nick Baker Monteys, starring Jürgen Prochnow.
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Conversations   28 Apr 2017

It's been more than four years since Paraphrases. My second full length album Conversations is now released on limited CD and LP through Berlin-based boutique label Sonic Pieces.
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Bei   22 Mar 2017

A collaboration with Henning Schmiedt. Instant compositions based on first takes, intentionally opposing the habits of classical music by praising the beauty of imperfection.
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Die Zwangsjacke   22 Nov 2016

A collaboration with Tarwater. Music for the radio play of the novel The Star Rover (also published as The Jacket) by Jack London for Deutschlandradio Kultur.
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Night Falls   17 Feb 2016

I'm honored that Hecq asked me to release Night Falls (reworked by Christoph Berg) on the brand new vinyl Edition of his monumental signature release Night Falls.
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